Turkey: Photos

After a twelve hour ferry ride from Athens to Rhodes and another three hour ferry ride from Rhodes to Marmaris I arrived in Turkey.

I have spent the past five days making my way – once again on the bicycle – to the city of Antalya.  Antalya is a large city.  According to the sign on the outskirts there are just under a million inhabitants.  When I arrived at a hilltop overlook that gave me a view of most of the city, my impression was similar to my impression of looking at Los Angeles.  The most important difference seems to be that instead of letters that spell out ´Hollywood´ on the hill above Antalya there is instead a gigantic sculpture monument of somebody´s head as well as a giant Turkish flag.

The past few days of riding to get here have been hot mountainous and full of nice people. People have been quick to offer me coffee, tea, and places to stay along my journey to Antalya and I am eager to see what the road to Syria will bring.

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