Quick Update from Charleston

Hello from Charleston! Here is a quick update to tide you over until I get a more hearty update posted within the next day or two! The riding for the first U.S. Segment is complete, and Europe is eagerly awaiting the arrival of STW! (I hope…) To summarize the first U.S. Segment from a numerical point of view, here is an update:

Miles covered on a bike: 2400
Average Daily Mileage: 55
Longest Day: 110 Miles from Clines Corners, NM to Fort Sumner, NM.
Shortest Day: I switched hotels one day in Oklahoma City…about 6 miles. Not sure if that could be considered my “shortest day”
Miles covered in cars: About 200 – not always in the direction I wanted to go (e.g. “Hop in, I’ll drive you back down the road to that bike shop you passed a ways back so you can fix your bike,” etc.)

Average Speed: About 12mph
Riding Days: 44
Rest Days: 10
Flats fixed: 20+
Nights Spent Camping: 39
Nights Spent in Hotels: 9
Nights Spent with Friends: 6
Quick Release Skewers Broken: 2
Video Cameras Broken 1
Cell Phone Chargers Broken 1
Other numbers: 454998083457238295891

A view of the Arthur Ravenell Jr. Bridge in Charleston.


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