Purple Day

Today when I got home, I had an email from Jenniafer Walters, who is the president of the Oklahoma Epilepsy Association.  Jenniafer and I first connected when I passed through Oklahoma City during my bicycle tour.  We communicated throughout the trip and she reached out to me today after receiving one of the most recent STW newsletters.  It is great to be back in touch!

Jenniafer also let me know about Cassidy Megan of Purple Day and her most recent efforts.  Many of you are probably familiar with Purple Day.  The concept could not be more simple: if you know what epilepsy is, wear purple on on March 26 each year to show your support for those affected.

What you may not know is that the founder of Purple Day, Cassidy Megan, is only eleven years old.  And right now, Cassidy, who is from Nova Scotia, is working to make Purple Day more popular in the United States.  That is why she is trying to become a guest on the Ellen Show by sharing this video.  The best way to support her effort is to simply watch the video, post comments on YouTube and spread the word.

Thanks Jenniafer for sharing the news and it is great to be back in touch!  And — all the best to Cassidy in her effort to spread the word for Purple Day!


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