Next Phase…Bangkok to Beijing

I have arrived in Thailand.  I am now on the ground at the beginning of the longest overland segment of the Seize The World tour.  It is exciting to be here and to think about the road ahead.  During the course of the coming months and miles, I will ride from Bangkok through the countryside and cities of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam into China.  Once into China, the road will take me – eventually –  to Beijing, and then, all the way to the port city of Tianjin in north eastern China.
Tianjin is a very long way off right now.  But the exciting thing is that it is on the same land mass and that there are no major barriers between me and Tianjin right now.  It should – hopefully – be one long uninterrupted journey to get all the way there, giving opportunities to see various different geography, cultures, landscapes, weather, animals and people along the way.  It will also give opportunities to communicate with those people about epilepsy.  The upcoming leg is biggest single segment of the whole journey.
I will post another update soon from Thailand.  Thanks for following and stay tuned.
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