Our Supporters

The entire STW board is incredibly grateful to our core of supporters for helping us to accomplish our mission.  Thank You!!

  • Doug Ekstrand and Ekstrand Creative
  • Betsy Graef and David Pannone
  • Jeannette Ekstrand
  • Brad and Tracy Rinehart
  • All of the Allen Family, Everywhere
  • Bill and Jill Jackson
  • Julie and Doug Hutchison
  • David Jensen
  • Zion Orent
  • Gloria and Dale McKittrick

Also — Stephen and the board will remain ever grateful to friends and organizations who helped launch STW during the early days:

  • Fat Alley
  • Daiva Chesonis
  • Nugget Theatre
  • Bike Depot
  • Diane Foote
  • Epilepsy Foundation of Idaho
  • Daniel Murray
  • Juju Jullien
  • The Bubble Lounge
  • Telluride Sports
  • Keith Williams
  • Murry Newbern
  • Ink Lounge
  • Ruđer Bošković Institut
  • Bike Tech
  • Ken Gart
  • Tom Gart
  • The Wagner Family
  • Scott Leigh
  • Gary Lisbon
  • Vic Crawford
  • John and Joni Knowles
  • Michael Berry 
  • Athens Friends of the Bicycle Club
  • San Diego Randonneurs
  • Neshamah



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