Europe By The Numbers

Here are a few numbers to describe the journey up to this point. To see another set of numbers, click here.

Multiply or divide any of the following numbers by either .6 or 1.6 to get their metric equivalents. Right…

Fixing the bike… Again…

Days Traveling: 154 (USA = 54, Europe = 100)
Total mileage: 4,200
Seizures during the trip: 1
Seizures avoided: many (my seizures are triggered by lack of sleep and by not getting enough to eat; I have felt close to seizures at various points along the way, but have avoided a few by stopping, resting, taking a lay over day, drinking a coke, etc.)

USA: 2360miles
Europe: 1800miles (Lisbon to Rome)
Portugal 300
Spain 800
France 400
Italy 300
(the numbers are approximate from country to country)

Nights spent in hotels/hostels in Europe: 25 (25%)
Lisbon, Portugal: 2
Near Almada, Portugal: 1
Villahermosa, Spain: 1
Cordoba, Spain: 2
Valencia, Spain: 5
Barcelona, Spain: 5
Perpignan, France: 1
Toulon, France: 1
Marseille, France: 2
La Spezia, Italy: 1
Acquapendente, Italy: 1
Elsewhere: 3

Nights spent in peoples´ houses in Europe (family, friends met along the way…)
14 (14%)
Torrao, Portugal: 1
Aroche, Spain: 1
Seville, Spain: 7 (or so…do not actually know for sure!)
Valencia, Spain: 1
Rome, Italy: 4

Nights spent at campgrounds in Europe: 3 (3%)
Serpa, Portugal: 1
Ventimiglia, Italy: 1
Laigueglia, Italy: 1

Nights spent camping/sleeping in other places in Europe: 58 (58%)
Beaches, abandoned buildings, trains, planes, forests, buildings that turned out to not be abandoned.

Tires used: 8. Tubes…a few. Patches, many.

Computers (speedometers) used: 3 (one stolen, one fell off while riding, now on lucky number 3).

Saddlebags used: 2. I lost my original saddlebag, which contained tire levers, a tube, patches, and a multi tool. I purchased a new saddle bag from Rodamon ( as well as new levers, and a multi tool to go inside.

Water Bottles Used: 5. They get lost, or they get too beat up to continue using, then new ones are given to me at shops. I have not actually purchased any bottles on this tour. My luck with bottles is good so far.

Maps Used: 9 (I got free state maps from visitor centers in the USA when I could. I also purchased a small 50-state atlas that I carried with me in the U.S. I have purchased a country map for each of the countries I have ridden through in Europe, and have since given or thrown them all away, except for the map of Italy which is where I am currently. I use Google Maps a lot too). I have used countless city maps in Europe.

Video cameras used: 2 (one broken, now on number 2)

Pairs of pedals used: 3. (One of the egg beaters fell apart, so I put on a pair of plastic pedals for a day. The next day I purchased imitation Shimano SPDs, which is what I am currently using).

Sleeping pads used: 4 (The original pad, a pad that I was given to replace it, which sprung a leak, a foam pad that I used for only a few days, now on number 4).

Racks used: 3. The original rack broke. I replaced it, and that rack broke in a different way. During the last two days I installed the Topeak Super Tourist rack. It will not break. Ever.

Stoves used: 2 (replaced an MSR Pocket Rocket with an alcohol stove that is working really well. The best part is not the weight advantage, but rather the ease with which I can find fuel – pharmacies everywhere sell rubbing alcohol).

Nintendo DS games beaten: 1.

Other numbers
: 1138, TK421, AA23

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