Amazing People

Deanna Adams and Channing Seideaman are two of our first Share Your Story Stars and both of their current projects are absolutely amazing!

fixiewo Deanna Adams will ride 30,000 miles across 6 continents in under 2 years—her journey begins later this year.  Deanna’s #1 reason for the trip?  “People living with Epilepsy tend to socially isolate themselves…when there is absolutely NO REASON to.”  STW will add a “Track Deanna” page once she gets underway to keep you updated on the adventure! Channing Seideman has made it a personal mission to help others with epilepsy to find ways to be active.  She knows about being active from experience as an avid freestyle skier, horseback rider, and volunteer!  Originally from Aspen, Channing now lives in Cincinnati with her family where she co–leads the Epilepsy Youth Council of Cincinnati.  
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