Cycling The World Part Five: SE Asia and China


Next Phase…Bangkok to Beijing

Posted on Sep 16th, 2009 - By Stephen - 0 Comments

I have arrived in Thailand.  I am now on the ground at the beginning of the longest overland segment of the Seize The World tour.  It is exciting…

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Thailand 022

Mom in Thailand, Spiders, Chiang Mai

Posted on Sep 29th, 2009 - By Stephen - 0 Comments

I have been in Thailand for thirteen days.  Those days have been really nice.  My Mother, Susan, is visiting me right now for the next week in…

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Elephants…Tuk Tuks…Temples…Video…off to Laos

Posted on Oct 6th, 2009 - By Stephen - 0 Comments

Hello Friends: First things first - if you have not done so already, please click here to join the Seize The World cause on facebook.  Once you…

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Posted on Oct 15th, 2009 - By Stephen - 0 Comments

After many weeks of touring, I now find myself, once again, in a place where people drive on the right side of the road.  I had pretty much gotten…

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A Year On The Road: Slide Show Extravaganza!

Posted on Oct 19th, 2009 - By Stephen - 0 Comments


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No video camera...

Seizure, Vietnam, Thieves, Welding, Head Gear, Coffee…

Posted on Oct 29th, 2009 - By Stephen - 0 Comments

The seizure occurred on a day after I had not taken Zonegran, one of the two medications that I take to control my seizures.  I had missed Zonegran…

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Truckers, Construction, Southern China

Posted on Nov 1st, 2009 - By Stephen - 0 Comments

I am in an internet cafe in Shangsi City, China.  I am here by accident, in fact - both Shangsi, and the internet cafe.  It was a long day of…

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No Facebook in China! But Great Cities and Touring.

Posted on Nov 3rd, 2009 - By Stephen - 0 Comments

No Facebook in China...but great cities and touring! I am writing from my hotel room in Nanning, China.  I woke up this morning at a different…

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Posted on Nov 15th, 2009 - By Stephen - 0 Comments

The past week or so has been a nice tour from Nanning, China to Guilin, China.  Two metropolises - a word that seems very easy to use here - in the…

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George The Cyclist

Posted on Nov 25th, 2009 - By Stephen - 0 Comments

  China has been one of my favorite countries for bicycle touring.  I have spent the past week touring with my friend George Christensen -…

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Great Wall of China

Posted on Nov 26th, 2009 - By Stephen - 0 Comments

The Great Wall of China was the perfect monument to wrap up my tour of China.  Gigantic, well-made, lots of shopping options throughout the entire…

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Ian and Juro.  Juro took time to guide us out of Tokyo--thanks Juro!!

Back to Japan

Posted on Dec 3rd, 2009 - By Stephen - 0 Comments

Japan...It is my first time back here since I visited when I was three years old.  The only things I remember since that visit are a vague - but…

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Kyoto and the Shinkansen

Posted on Dec 6th, 2009 - By Stephen - 0 Comments

Click here to read the article in the University of Colorado Alumni Magazine, Coloradan, about Seize The World, if you have not already done…

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