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Part 7: Seattle to Telluride Part 1: Telluride to Charleston Part 2: Lisbon to Athens Part 3: Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Israel and Egypt Part 4: Mumbai to Kolkata Part 5: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China Part 6: Japan Image Map
Seize The World volunteers worked for two years beginning in 2008 to plan and carry out the Cycling the World tour. The bicycle tour around the world sought to demonstrate that people with epilepsy can lead active lifestyles. Stephen pedaled for 16 months, beginning on October 15, 2008 and ending on February 12, 2010. The journey started and ended in Stephen’s home town of Telluride, Colorado. Stephen has had epilepsy since age 15 and he had four seizures along the way. The Foundation’s directors worked during the tour to set up a series of 20 slide show presentations along Stephen’s route in different parts of the world. These presentations were primarily in the United States, but Stephen also gave presentations in Croatia and Greece. STW directors established links with several newspapers and magazines to help the story get out to a wider audience.
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