• Stephen Allen Bikes the Colorado Trail Stephen Allen Bikes the Colorado Trail It has been over 4 years since Seize the World Foundation founder, Stephen Allen, completed his round the world bicycle tour to raise awareness for epilepsy. In fact, Seize the World was founded as a conduit to inform the world of this tour and inspire others living with epilepsy. In July, Stephen embarked on another inspirational adventure, a 2-week mountain bikepacking tour of the Colorado Trail.
  • Dreaming Big, Hoping Bigger Dreaming Big, Hoping Bigger As I sit here and think about it now, I don’t remember a day without epilepsy. I started having tonic clonic seizures when I was ten years old. I was sick one night and sleeping in my parents bedroom so they could take care of me, and they witnessed for the first time a seizure and I was taken to the hospital. The doctors said that it was most likely a one time thing.
  • Brad Rinehart on The Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Brad Rinehart on The Rock 'n' Roll Marathon On race day, I had three seizures. Then I just said, “Ok it’s just like a normal day.” I just knew that I wanted to finish, it was just kind of the “game on” kind of attitude though. And I wanted to finish.
  • Sam Inglese: Greeting Epilepsy Sam Inglese: Greeting Epilepsy I intend to attract and thus educate the rest of the population by producing a documentary about us and that is not strictly limited to medical topics. No doctors, no medications, no numbers. Just us and our stories.
  • Ride Your Own Course Ride Your Own Course The children I’ve taught over the past twenty years never got into a panic when I had seizures. I think this was a good experience for them because they learned about epilepsy and because they got to see that there’s more than one type of seizure. My position has also given me the opportunity to teach my students about the different types of seizures and about how to help those with epilepsy.



Seize The World empowers people with seizures to lead active and fulfilling lives through community–based programs that raise public awareness of epilepsy.


Seize The World is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity based in Denver, Colorado.We began helping people with epilepsy in 2008 through our Cycling The World program, which raised awareness of the idea that people with epilepsy can get out to lead active lives.Today, Seize The World is focused on a program called Share Your Story.  Every month we profile a new Share Your Story Star who leads an active life in spite of their seizure disorder or who helps others to do so.