• Miracle Triplet Defies the Odds Miracle Triplet Defies the Odds Gayle Brisbane, mother of premature triplets, describes daughter Abby’s fight for her life by overcoming an E-coli infection as a baby in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). “We were kind of sitting around, basically waiting for her to die. I mean here she was, not even two pounds, trying to fight off an infection that has killed adults.”
  • Two Wheels To Three Wheels After Epilepsy Diagnosis Two Wheels To Three Wheels After Epilepsy Diagnosis Meet Susan Reed, 71, from Tucson, Arizona. Susan was diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE) when she was 68 years old. According to her research, she is among the 60 percent whose reason why she developed epilepsy remains unknown. Susan is an avid cyclist and is seeking other cyclists in the Seize the World community.
  • A TALE OF 2 ATROCITIES – (Special Edition) A TALE OF 2 ATROCITIES – (Special Edition) Meet Cecilia Garcia, 44, and her daughter, Emily Garcia, 18. Emily is among the more than 80% of reported women with intellectual disabilities who have been sexually assaulted during their lifetimes (*Craft, 1994). She was raped last year at a recreational establishment for youth. This story is as much about her struggles as her successes and future aspirations.
  • Carpe D-Watkins: Seize Your Attitude Carpe D-Watkins: Seize Your Attitude Imagine - you’re 15 years old and about to walk through the magical gates of Disneyland in beautiful California. Suddenly, you feel yourself start to lose consciousness amid a large group of fellow mouseketeers. Next thing you realize is your only ride for the day will be in your parents’ car, after you’ve received an explanation from a stranger that you may have just had a seizure. This is how Danielle Watkins, 28, came to discover she had epilepsy. It's been a roller coaster ride ever since.
  • Paws for The Cause Paws for The Cause On the eve of meeting his first seizure assistance dog, 10-year-old Nathan Schoonover, from Tomah, Wisconsin, excitedly anticipates life with his future yellow Labrador/ best friend, Bella. Meanwhile, Nathan’s grandmother Florette, and single mother Kari, recount the family’s journey to this point.



Seize The World empowers people with seizures to lead active and fulfilling lives through community–based programs that raise public awareness of epilepsy.


Seize The World is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity based in Denver, Colorado.We began helping people with epilepsy in 2008 through our Cycling The World program, which raised awareness of the idea that people with epilepsy can get out to lead active lives.Today, Seize The World is focused on a program called Share Your Story.  Every month we profile a new Share Your Story Star who leads an active life in spite of their seizure disorder or who helps others to do so.



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